This chart is my favourite one for showing what the different stages of an infant cueing to feed looks like. This is an important piece of information because some parents feel that once the baby is crying they are ready to feed, which can make feeding time very stressful.

Trying to latch on a screaming baby can be harrowing and tear causing for everyone!

IF babe has reached the crying stage and cannot latch on, there are a few things you can do to help settle babe and then try again.

  1. Put babe skin to skin near the breast so they feel the comfort of mom without trying to be put on the breast, or have a nipple put in their mouth when in duress.
  2. Sometimes babe needs to reset and a few quick sucks on a clean finger of moms can help them reset and remind them why they are crying! Gently and respectfully place a clean finger, pad side up to the hard palate of babes mouth, not too far back, and allow babe to suck for a minute or so until babe calms and then try to latch again.
  3. Sometimes babe may need to be rocked, need some shushing noises, or any other soothing technique you can think of to calm them before retrying.
  4. Talk, sing and hum your way to a calm babe! It doesn’t matter which song you use, or even if it’s a real song.

You and your babe will figure out their favourite soothing technique together.

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