There are many signs and symptoms to tongue ties and lip ties (probably even more than is listed) and it’s important to have your baby examined for anatomical signs of ties. It is equally important for a feed to be observed as well to aid in the diagnosis of a tie and treatment plan.

I have had babe’s with lip ties and/or tongue ties who go on to be exclusively breastfed. It can depend on the severity of the ties, the management by mom, and the status of mom’s milk supply.

Sometimes it is simply a manor of changing positions while feeding, and sometimes nothing you do to change the situation will help aside from having one or both released.

I had the opportunity to observe Lactations Consultants and Paediatricians at the International Breastfeeding Centre diagnose and release tongue and lip ties. For them, as it should be for all lactation consultants, it is a matter of looking at the whole picture, the mother/baby dyad.

This article is well written and has quite a few things listed including a short video by a well know paediatric dentist in the United States. The picture below was taken from the article.

This article was posted by ILCA’s Facebook page.

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