If there is an advantage to be had in any campaign trying to promote breastfeeding worldwide, you can believe that the formula companies are coming right along to undermine the campaign seamlessly. Thank you to Dr. Jack Newman for bringing this to light. Dr. Newman has changed the pictures below to counteract the image that is being represented, which is that if your diet is less than ideal, then your baby is getting low quality milk. We know for a fact that you cannot change the basic quality of your milk regarding calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. You can control to some degree the types of fats in your milk (ILCA 330). It is truly unethical to portray that your breastmilk is somehow worse or not suitable for your baby because you drank a soda or ate your favourite hamburger. It pulls at our maternal instincts to think that we may be feeding our baby a food that is bad for them, and this would be enough for some women to feed formula after such a meal. Some women would quit altogether thinking that their diets are hurting their babies. Drink to your thirst, eat to your hunger. Your breastmilk is what your baby needs. ​ ​Here is what Dr. Newman had to say on his facebook page. Picture Picture The Core Curriculum for Lactation Consultant Practice was sited in the blog above. ​The page that was sited can be found here on page 330. 0 Comments MILK – THE FILM TONIGHT ON CBC DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL

The CBC documentary channel is screening the film Milk by Noemi Weis, tonight at 9pm!

Times and station information here.

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