Services and Fees

All services and support offered at a rate of $55 per hour unless otherwise noted.
Due to the expenses and time required for travelling a minimum one hour charge will be applied.

Pre-natal consultation:
It is beneficial to have a prenatal consultation in order to help with breastfeeding planning. During the consultation a comprehensive history is recorded, concerns and questions are addressed. An optional evaluation of the breasts and nipples can also be completed at this time. A package of support materials will also be provided. A fee of $30 is charged for this one hour session.

In-Home Support
One-on-one breastfeeding support in the comfort of your home. Initial consultations for first time breastfeeding moms typically last for up to 1.5 hours. A charge for a minimum of 1 hour will be made for each visit. This service also includes telephone and email support for two weeks after this initial consultation.

Subsequent in-home visits can vary in duration depending on the specific support required. Paid in-home visits extend telephone and email support if beyond the initial two week time frame.

In-Hospital Support
Breastfeeding support when you need it the most. Service rates are the same as listed above for in-home support.

In-Clinic Visits
After the Breastfeeding Support Group, I will be offering appointments to anyone who would like one. You do not have to have attended the support group to obtain an appointment. It would be best to call for a space but drop in would be welcomed as well. The rate for these visits will be $45 per one hour appointment.

Remote Appointment
Skype/Google Hangouts/Apple Facetime

The fee structure for a remote consultation will be $45 for an hour. These consultations would receive the same two week term of phone calls, texts and emails that in person consultations receive.

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